about us

We’ve actually known each other since 2003.  That is, we always spent hours on the telephone, exchanging ideas.  In 2004, however, we lost touch with one another.


Shortly before Mischa’s 40th birthday, we met again by chance.  This time, we made a real date to do something together.  Everything went “BANG!”  Since then, we’ve been inseparable.


We brought in our children and became a patchwork family.  As one knows, life isn’t always simple in a family that’s been cobbled-together, but I think we managed things rather well.


Now we are “Grandma” and “Grandpa,” and overjoyed about the little “mouse” who has come into our family.


During these past few years, we’ve taken many wonderful trips.  Not only have we made frequent visits to the Eastern and Southern U.S., but we’ve also painted the town red in Turkey and Italy.


Because Mischa knows so many young people, we are fairly often invited to weddings.  Of course, they don’t live just around the corner, but very far away, so we turn the invitation into an opportunity to take a few days’ vacation.


We built a house (and became nervous wrecks in the process!), but are now very happy in our home.


I believe we’re a couple who has had to face an exceptional number of problems, and will continue to do so.  Everyone who knows us thinks we are cursed.  But together we are strong, and not the kind of people who are easily beaten down -- nor will we ever be! ;-)


Separately, we are both good at dancing the fox trot, but together we don’t make a good match.  It’s not just a matter of looking a little bit goofy -- no, we simply can’t get our steps in synch when we’re together.  We can dance with others, but that doesn’t do us much good, does it!  ;-) It is therefore urgent that we find a dance class, so we can change this situation and become a real team on the dance floor.


So, that was the super-super-abbreviated version of our story, but at least you know a little bit about us. Lachend